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VIAJES ALGENOVA wants to inform that, is acting as an intermediary between organizations, individuals offering the services, itineraries and its clients.

Personal documentation and passports are solely the traveler responsibilities.

The organizer’s only responsibilities are advice and provide information. If by any chance the traveler can not get into the visiting country because of incomplete documentation, the organizer will decline any responsibility and the traveler must pay for all the expenses established for involuntary annulment or cancellation of the services.

The prices includes: all services that appear in the itineraries and everything that clearly appear in the index "our prices includes" on each itinerary.

The prices do not include: all services that do not appear on the itinerary such as guide visits to museums, art galleries, etc. and any other kind of extra services like wines, liquors, laundry service, mineral water, and all services offered by hotels except the ones clearly specifically included on the price lists.

Travelers must be at the point of departure at least 45 minutes in advance, the agency will not be held responsible for cancellations due to delays, lack of necessary documentation, or any other reason.


Travelers can cancel reservations but each case will be review and resolve according to the terms and conditions rules established by the Wholesale Tour Operator.


The Tour Operator or tour provider reserves the right to change the itinerary du to unforeseen circumstances that occur beyond it control, such as, departure time, change the hotels listed on the tour for others of similar quality and change ground transportation due to insufficient number of travelers (minimum 15 people). Also the Tour Operator reserves the right of tour cancellation due to circumstances such as tariffs change and or fluctuation in the currency exchange rate. In all the above circumstances the client will refuse the right to file any claim or complain.

In the case of tour cancellation by the Tour Operator, the client will be inform in advance of it, and only a full price of the tour will be refund.

In case of strike by one or more of the service providers of the tour, before or during of it, the Wholesaler will do its best to find a solution for the affected travelers.

In any case, clients understand and agree that all expenses are his or her responsibility and that the organizer will not be held liable for it.

The agreed to contract any of the tours offer by us, means the traveler acceptance of all terms established on the GENERAL CONDITIONS, CHANGES-ALTERATIONS and CANCELLATIONS.


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